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LeFA is internationally recognized by the international football fraternity. The Association is an affiliate of the Federation of International Football Associations – FIFA, the Confederation of African Football – CAF and the Council of Southern African Football Associations – COSAFA internationally and the Lesotho Sport and Recreation Commission – LSRC and the Lesotho National Olympic Committee – LNOC locally in the Kingdom of Lesotho.

The Lesotho Football Association is a duly registered entity with the structures of the Kingdom of Lesotho. The current organisation was registered in 1994 following the football fraternity’s request for the sport to run its affairs independently from direct Government administration. It is worth mentioning that prior to 1994 and since independence, football affairs used to be managed directly by bodies which were appointed by the Government. The elite league then was managed by a body then known as the Senior Football Executive Committee – SFEC and the other leagues were managed by the Junior Football Executive Committee – JFEC.

Founding Legislation


The Lesotho Football Association is an autonomous organisation with a legal persona. The mandate of the Association is to develop, regulate and promote the sport of football in the Kingdom of Lesotho and also to be part of a global football family in the delivery of the same mandate.
The Association has an objective of positioning itself as a truly functional entity that dispenses its mandate along what can be termed as ‘best practices’. The purpose of this document is to move from the practice of depending highly on non-budget based direction to more of an inclusive approach which is driven by attainable results based programs; programs that are tailor made to suit and address the needs of the Association and most importantly how these programs can be geared in a direction that promises to position the Association over a four year cycle in line with the FIFA Cycle.

Malane Thabang

Our Vision

To develop and promote football in Lesotho and to translate the expectations of the entire football fraternity into a reality.

Our Mission

In pursuit of excellence we shall manage the game efficiently by putting in place best practices to deliver our mandate to the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.

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