The Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) Congress last week elected the Lesotho Football Association President Advocate Salemane Phafane (KC) as a member of its Disciplinary Committee for the next four years.

The election took place during the 71st FIFA Congress, which was held virtually from the FIFA head office in Zurich, Switzerland.

The LeFA President, who is also the COSAFA honorary Vice President, is no stranger to serving the world football governing body having previously served the Legal Committee, Member Associations Committee and also the Organizing Committee for the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Advocate Salemane Phafane started his football journey in the 1980s as the Secretary General for Bantu FC before making his way to the Lesotho Football Association, where he started as the legal advisor.

“There was a story that ran here at home and at that time it was only a recommendation from CAF for the LeFA President to contest for a position to serve in the FIFA Disciplinary Committee,” LeFA President told journalists.

“It was only during the recent FIFA Congress that the election took place and was successful with only two people out of 200 voting against our election.”

Advocate Phafane stated that he is up to the task of serving the football governing body as a member of the Disciplinary Committee.

“What is this Disciplinary Committee? The role of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee is to maintain discipline within the football governing body and deal with each member of FIFA that brings football into disrepute. From the smallest to the largest or the biggest so-called Federations, they will all face this committee for disciplinary issues,” Advocate Phafane explained.

“It’s an enormous task, but I think we are up for the challenge. In that committee, there are only three of us from the whole of the African continent and the rest are from other continents like Brazil, United States of America, England and so forth,” he said.