Mokone and Litšepe Marabe have enjoyed a lot of success over the last five years playing together at Bantu. The two players are also in the Likuena squad that is playing Zimbabwe in the final round of the 2020 African Nations Championship (CHAN).

The Lesotho Football Association media team caught-up with the famous siblings to talk about the careers and following in their father’s footsteps.

LeFA: Your brother recently made a return to the national team after a long absence. It’s surely a nice feeling to be together in the Likuena squad that has been in camp over the last month?

Mokone: I was very happy when I heard about his call up because I know what he can do and offer our national team. it has always been our dream to play together for the national team. We are both happy with this opportunity.

Litšepe: Well, I was worried and even thought that I was no longer good enough to play for the national team, but I kept working hard  with the hope that i will get another chance. Luckily, I got a call-up, but it all started with the invitation to attend the Bloemfontein Celtic trials during the off-season. It really motivated me and the performance I gave in the opening matches of the new season. What’s important now is to maintain that consistency. With the experience and talent that the coaches have spotted in my abilities, I think I can make a contribution.

LeFA: Who was more talented growing up as kids?

Mokone: I think we were both very skillful, but I changed my style of play because I had more speed and the position I was playing. He is a bit slower and uses more skill in the position that he plays. People used to argue as to who is more skillful and dangerous between me and my brother, but we are two different players.

Litšepe: People used to make that comparison, but I think we are too different players because he plays simple football and  is all about the basics of the game while mine is more about skill.

How has it been playing together for the national team and club?

Mokone Marabe

Mokone: It has been good up to so far because we know each other’s strengths in the field of play, so whenever we are in the same team, we know what each other can do. It has been great playing with my brother for both club and the national team.

The feeling is overwhelming because we have been playing together since our childhood and that is I why I said we know each other’s strengths as well as weaknesses. We have developed a good understanding throughout the years playing together at Bantu.

Litšepe: It’s very special. It’s not the first time that we have been together at the national team set-up. We were both called for the national under-23 team some years back, but he (Mokone) did not make the final squad. It was the same with the under-20 team as well and I still remember one game against Botswana, where we both scored to win the match 2-1. It was a good feeling.

Your father, who is also a former footballer, must be very proud to see both his sons in the national team and enjoying successful careers at club level?

Mokone: Yes he is very proud and makes time to discuss how we played with us. Sometimes we watch matches together. So, yes we do talk a lot with our father about football and our careers. He is always encouraging us to work hard, remain humble and disciplined.

Litšepe: The whole family has been supportive and they regularly attend our matches to support us. Our father has been hands on since day one and it’s a big motivation to us knowing that we have the support of the family.