How to maximize the potential of young footballers in Lesotho. ITS SIMPLE:- ” JUST TRAIN EVERYTHING AT ONCE “

With my interest and experience in Talent Development in Africa, having studied football in the Netherlands and visited international clubs like Ajax Amsterdam. I wish to share this article and propose to have an intensive discussion in an organized Youth Football Seminar with Youth football technicians in Lesotho.

I have observed that different youth trainers apply different training methods when developing talents. Some youth coaches prefer ISOLATED training approaches in football development as opposed to the HOLISTIC training approach. The most progressive/ high performing football cubs and football nations have benefited immensely as a result of the HOLISTIC Training approach when developing football talents.

In my opinion, the traditional way of training (ISOLATED TRAINING) using drills is delaying the progress of our talented young footballers. ISOLATED training methods are simply technical drills without opponents , nor resistance . The characteristics of the ISOLATED training approach is to use drills that are static, usually with long lines and movements that are repeated constantly. This drills do not improve the decision making and perception of our young footballers. Of course the ISOLATED drills are usually boring to the players not only because they don’t promote CREATIVITY but also because it ” does not look a game”

In my opinion, I think HOLISTIC TRAINING APPROACH could fast track the development of our players. HOLISTIC training methods refers to football exercises that combines all the factors of performance, moments of the game and the principles of play into one exercise. One of the examples of HOLISITIC training exercises are; Small sided games with goals e.g 3v3, 4v4 , 5v5 exercises. etc

The HOLISTIC training approach ignores drills and it uses exercises that foster dynamic movements, improves game intelligence and promotes decision making with the ball. The exercises always look like a GAME of football.

The Holistics approach exercises combines all the 4 moments of the game. 1- The moment when a team has the ball, 2- When the team doesnt have the ball, 3- Transition from defence to attack and 4- Transition from attack to defence.

Lets allow the game to be the teacher, let us reproduce the benefits and excitement that street football offers by using different forms of small sided games to maximize football talents.

Some benefits of street football:-

1. Social interaction (fun and enjoyment)
2. Competitive nature (Mental and physical)
3. Technical development ( skills)
4. Game intelligence. (Tactics)

HOLISTIC Goalkeeper Training approach

Goalkeeping coaching is currently experiencing a revolution globally. Goalkeepers are now required to be fully involved in team sessions from warm ups (rondos) and throughout the team training sessions. The popular ISOLATED Goalkeeper training is now outdated as it offers minimal stimulation to the “Goalkeeping Brain” when developing Goalkeepers.

By Thabo Krause Senong
Lesotho National Team Head Coach